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Study abroad in Canada

About Study Abroad In Canada

International students commuting to Canada are not allowed to apply for a study visa until it is more than 6 months for the programmes they are enrolled in. However, obtaining a studies visa has major advantages for students, granting them permission to obtain part-time jobs on campus and off-campus for up to 20 hours per week since April 2006 when they are finishing their studies. Foreign graduates from Canadian higher education institutions are entitled to apply for up to two years’ jobs under the Post-Graduation Job Visa Scheme.

Education System in Canada

The Canadian education system has both public and private schools. The standards across the country are high. The system spans Universities, Colleges, Career Colleges and Community College.


Government-funded and generally known worldwide. The length of an undergraduate course is 4 years and the duration of a Master’s course is 2 years.

University Colleges

Delivering classes of degrees, diplomas and qualifications. Good student support facilities, tiny classrooms and a strong campus atmosphere are the distinctive characteristics of university colleges.

Community Colleges

Diplomas, certificates and degrees offered. They have small classes and stronger connections between students and teachers.

Career College

Technical colleges are also recognized. The company, computer and administrative skills courses are provided by these colleges.

Study abroad in Canada

Admission Procedure

Choose the colleges and universities of which you are interested.

To obtain access to their application forms and other information about the application, such as fees or insurance, contact the institutions.

Take any tests that are needed, such as TOEFL/IELTS or SAT/GRE.

Send a submission at least three months before the due date.

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