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Visitor Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad, People wanting to fly to a country for sightseeing or holiday are provided with tourist visas.

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 Typically, tourist visas only permit brief visits (typically, up to a month, three months, or six months). Visas from certain countries (e.g. the US, UK) can extend up to five to ten years (for occasional visits), although the issuance fee may be equal to the term of the visa.

Most usually, a visa is a tag sponsored by the applicant’s passport or other travel paper. A visa, when requested, has traditionally been issued by an immigration officer upon the arrival of a tourist at the borders of a country, but nowadays, more and more, a traveler wishing to access another country must apply for a visa in advance, sometimes in person at a consular post office, by mail or internally. Visas usually contain restrictions on the length of the tourist stay, territories within the country they may access, the periods they may travel, the numbers of approved visits or an individual’s right to operate in the relevant country.

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